Subject errors updating from IBO4.6 to IBO4.9 on FB 1.5
Author bausufm
updating from 4.6 to 4.9 (latest build) i ran into the following 2 errors:
My setup: IBO 4.9.14 Build 16, D7, FB 1.5.6.

1) RDB$DBKey in select statement
when I do a select on a stored procedure IBO adds RDB$DBKey to the fieldlist. execution of the statement then fails with message
"Cannot SELECT RDB$DB_KEY from a stored procedure."
Example statement: select * from myprocedure
This worked fine with IBO 4.6. now it fails.
I don't use keylinks.
With keylinks set the statement works fine.
setting keylinks is a workaround but no solution for me.

2) strings in result set truncated
under IBO 4.9 the statement "select rdb$relation_name from rdb$relations" returns a result set with relationnames truncated to 11 chars.
reason: field rdb$relations_name is declared as charset UNICODE_FSS (3 bytes per char) and fieldlenth 31 (see RDB$Fields). IBO know devides 31 by 3 (and adds 1) so that TIBColumn.AsString results in only strings of 11chars.
This worked fine with IBO 4.6. now it fails.

Both issues work fine with FB 2.1.

Jason, can you fix this?