Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Transactions closing
Author Support List
> Another question relating to the use of TIB_StoredProc and TIB_Query,
> is it more efficient to use TIB_Query over TIB_StoredProc where possible.
> For example i have SP to get customer, it doing a bit more than just a
> select statement hence it SP, At the moment we often using TIB_StoreProc
> to get this data, but is it better for me to switch it to TIB_Query. Does
> this reduce overhead in doing so. That SP is really only a read only data,
> i not updating or changing any data.

There's no advantage to use a TIB_Query. The most simple component you can
use that is prepared is a TIB_DSQL component. You likely can just use it.