Subject Transactions closing
Author richwiz11

I have just moved across to firebird 2.5 and have noticed some transactions are being left active for a lengthy period. I am manually controlling the transactions. AutoCommit is false, i am also using tiCommitted.

I have found that if i am not commiting or rollbacking a transaction an query/dataset (TIB_Query) is automatically closed after a period of time. However for store procedure (TIB_StoreProcedure) this transactions is being left open.

So my question is should i always be making sure i either commit or rollback whenever i use storeprocedure and have finished with it as such. (in the case of edit or insert data i always save it) but when i am reading data, rather than use a query i am sure SP and not always saving it after i got my data. Is this going to cause problems and is it bad practice?