Subject RE: [IBO] errors updating from IBO4.6 to IBO4.9 on FB 1.5
Author Support List
> updating from 4.6 to 4.9 (latest build) i ran into the following 2 errors:
> My setup: IBO 4.9.14 Build 16, D7, FB 1.5.6.
> 1) RDB$DBKey in select statement
> when I do a select on a stored procedure IBO adds RDB$DBKey to the
> fieldlist. execution of the statement then fails with message
> "Cannot SELECT RDB$DB_KEY from a stored procedure."
> Example statement: select * from myprocedure
> This worked fine with IBO 4.6. now it fails.
> I don't use keylinks.
> With keylinks set the statement works fine.
> setting keylinks is a workaround but no solution for me.
> 2) strings in result set truncated
> under IBO 4.9 the statement "select rdb$relation_name from rdb$relations"
> returns a result set with relationnames truncated to 11 chars.
> reason: field rdb$relations_name is declared as charset UNICODE_FSS (3
> bytes per char) and fieldlenth 31 (see RDB$Fields). IBO know devides 31 by
> 3 (and adds 1) so that TIBColumn.AsString results in only strings of
> 11chars.
> This worked fine with IBO 4.6. now it fails.
> Both issues work fine with FB 2.1.
> Jason, can you fix this?

Sorry for the delay in responding. What would help me a lot is if you sent
me a sample app to work with in fixing these issues.

Jason LeRoy Wharton