Subject Builder C++ XE install
Author Lester Caine

I've been here before and I know I fixed a couple of these problems, but hit a
brick wall with the earlier builds. This is done with the latest build ...

Notes on trying to get running on BuilderXE ...

Dropped IB_JPEGImage.pas because vcljpg.bpl is not available, should be in
websnap.bpl but that is not available on pro version of RAD Studio XE :(
Why vcljpg should be locket to a more expensive version I don't know.

platformdefaultstyleactnctrls.obj not found after dropping designd?? - not
available ( Running C++XE only version of RAD Studio so I can't check the
Delphi copy at the moment )
( Will not compile at present )

'AnsiChar' to 'string' warning on mkLitCriteria I think

Various 'AnsiChar' to/from 'string' warnings

Will not install 'Jconsts' also exists in package 'vclimg150'

will not install
could not be located in IBO40CRT_CXE.bpl

I've tidied the _CXE files to match the default Studio XE directories locations
and Build all runs except for a restart at IBO40XDT_CXE

Should have been in bed a couple of hours ago ... but at the time I was on a
roll. I'll get back to this in a day or so, need to get some paid work out.

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