Subject Re: [IBO] Builder C++ XE install
Author Lester Caine
Lester Caine wrote:
> Jason
> I've been here before and I know I fixed a couple of these problems, but hit a
> brick wall with the earlier builds. This is done with the latest build ...

OK I need to check back through ALL of the versions since BCB6 to pick up the
change notes ....

> Notes on trying to get running on BuilderXE ...
> Dropped IB_JPEGImage.pas because vcljpg.bpl is not available, should be in
> websnap.bpl but that is not available on pro version of RAD Studio XE :(
> Why vcljpg should be locket to a more expensive version I don't know.
FIXED - vcljpg.bpi -> vclimg.bpi ( NOT as flagged in various update pages )

> platformdefaultstyleactnctrls.obj not found after dropping designd?? - not
> available ( Running C++XE only version of RAD Studio so I can't check the
> Delphi copy at the moment )
Added AcntMan package to .pas file, and vclactnband.bpl to allow to compile
Install gives @Ibodataset@TIBOWideStringField@ could not be located in

> IB_Monitor.pas
> 'AnsiChar' to 'string' warning on mkLitCriteria I think
> IB_Export.pas
> Various 'AnsiChar' to/from 'string' warnings

Not sure if these are caused by needing to set the default character type in C++
'mode' - can't see where the problem is at the moment

> Will not install 'Jconsts' also exists in package 'vclimg150'
Cleared when the vcljpg.bpi -> vclimg.bpi switch was made.

> will not install
> @Ib_parse@ExtractFieldsIntoList$qqrx20System@UnicodeStringsp16Classes@TStringo
> could not be located in IBO40CRT_CXE.bpl

The next problem is more critical, and I have been here before! IBO40EDT_CXE is
compiling OK, but when I try and add an ib_session object to an empty form the
color entries are converted back to numbers and no TColorList is presented to
chenge them.
ib_connection alos fails when trying to select edit with an error in a color value.

I drop EDT, but the color dropdowns are still not present, so that is a function
of the normal comonent loading that I'm not understanding?

The GOOD news is that I have actually compiled a working program by hand editing
the components ... something I did not manayge with the previous builds ... so
I'm sure this is just a matter of something not being set right.

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