Subject Re: [IBO] quoting of ixed case field names and link of connection and transaction
Author Bjoern Reimer
Guten Tag, Support List,

am Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011 um 15:27 schrieben Sie:

>> I've updated to IBO 4.9 Release 14 [Build 11] from IBO Release 4.9 Build
>> 11. Ok, not a small step....

> Which version did you come from?

As I wrote above: IBO Release 4.9 Build 11

>> Two things broke my code.

>> First I've to 'backlink' transactions to their connection.
>> Without using the optical stuff it was enough to

>> - Create TIB_Connection
>> - create TIB_Transaction
>> - set DefaultTransaction of connection to that transaction
>> - create cursor or query or it to connection and use it

>> Now I'm getting exception E_Trans_Not_Valid_For_Conn
>> To avoid it I've to set IB_Connection-property of transaction to
>> connection.

>> Is this intended?

> It should just use the DefaultTransaction.

Could it be that the default transaction is NULL or is it automatically created if missing?

>> My second problem is, that mixed case field names have to be double
>> quoted to use FieldByName-function of TIBOQuery
>> Also TIBOQuery.Fields[x].FieldName of now returns a quoted string.

> This was a needful change.
Ok, I'm fixing my code...