Subject Re: TIB_Query vs. TIBOQuery???
Author gsndelphicoder
Thank you Carlos for your response!

> TIBOQuery is derived from the TDataset class, but internally, it uses
> a TIB_Query (check the InternalDataset property of TIBOQuery).
> The default value for some of the TIBOQuery properties are not the
> same as the default values of TIB_Query properties. Maybe the
> difference of performance you are feeling is due to different
> configuration in some of the common properties of both components. Try
> to compare them and test with different configs.

I have tried this, but to no avail. There were only minor differences between the two and all shared properties are now set the same. The TIBOQuery still take 6-8 seconds to open after the TIB_Database connection has been reset. Note: After the initial opening of the TIBOQuery, subsequent openings are instantaneous. This issue is only with the first time the query is opened.

I can use a TDatabase and TwwQuery (InfoPower) to run the same query and there is no lag time upon initial opening of the query. This is also true of a TIB_Database and TIB_Query. The only time a lag in speed is detected is upon initial opening of the SQL query with a TIBOQuery component...

> BTW, afair, there is an extra ReportBuilder pipeline component that is
> able to connect direct to TIB_Query. Check old messages of this list
> to get more information about it.
I have looked into this. I will try to get this running. The code hasn't been updated for several years...