Subject Re: TIB_Query vs. TIBOQuery???
Author Stan
> I have tried this, but to no avail. There were only minor differences between the two and all shared properties are now set the same. The TIBOQuery still take 6-8 seconds to open after the TIB_Database connection has been reset. Note: After the initial opening of the TIBOQuery, subsequent openings are instantaneous. This issue is only with the first time the query is opened.

In your TIBODatabase component set a SchemaCacheDir. Once IBO has that, it will save much of the meta of the database for faster access. Only the first access will be slow (IBO must get the data first), but after that all other accesses for all users will be fast.

I do it programatically. Before connecting the TIBODatase component I have:

MyDb.SchemaCacheDir := ExtractFilePath(Application.exename) + 'schema';

For ReportBuilder I use: TIBOQuery > TDataSource > TppDbPipeline > TppReport. Not the native query component, but it works fine for me.


MyDb.Connected := True;