Subject TIB_Query vs. TIBOQuery???
Author gsndelphicoder
Delphi 2010
IBO 4.9.9
Firebird 1.5
Report Builder 12.02

We recently changed our end-user reporting interface (report builder) setup to utilize IBO components to connect to the DB instead of the standard data access components which lean on the BDE. I expected to see a speed increase but was shocked when the result was just the opposite. Opening a basic "Select * from" SQL statement with the old data access component opened in about 2 seconds. Opening the same query in a TIBOQuery component takes 6-8 seconds. I am confined to using TIBOQuery as this is the only IBO data access component that Report Builder can connect to. What confuses me is that opening the same query with a TIB_Query component is instantaneous.

What is the different between TIBOQuery and TIB_Query that would cause such a dramatic difference in speed?

Is there any way to configure the TIBOQuery to run as fast as the TIB_Query?

Is there any way to connect standard data-aware components to a TBI_Query?

We made the switch a few days ago and my clients are furious with me right now. Trying to figure this out before I have no choice but to switch back to the BDE...

Thanks All,
Branden Johnson