Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Query vs. TIBOQuery???
Author Carlos H. Cantu
g> What is the different between TIBOQuery and TIB_Query that would
g> cause such a dramatic difference in speed?

TIBOQuery is derived from the TDataset class, but internally, it uses
a TIB_Query (check the InternalDataset property of TIBOQuery).

The default value for some of the TIBOQuery properties are not the
same as the default values of TIB_Query properties. Maybe the
difference of performance you are feeling is due to different
configuration in some of the common properties of both components. Try
to compare them and test with different configs.

g> Is there any way to configure the TIBOQuery to run as fast as the TIB_Query?

Probably. Do what I said above.

g> Is there any way to connect standard data-aware components to a TBI_Query?


g> We made the switch a few days ago and my clients are furious with
g> me right now. Trying to figure this out before I have no choice but
g> to switch back to the BDE...

Always test such big changes with a local database (with real data)
before distributing your application.

BTW, afair, there is an extra ReportBuilder pipeline component that is
able to connect direct to TIB_Query. Check old messages of this list
to get more information about it.

Carlos H. Cantu - -

g> Delphi 2010
g> IBO 4.9.9
g> Firebird 1.5
g> Report Builder 12.02

g> We recently changed our end-user reporting interface (report
g> builder) setup to utilize IBO components to connect to the DB
g> instead of the standard data access components which lean on the
g> BDE. I expected to see a speed increase but was shocked when the
g> result was just the opposite. Opening a basic "Select * from" SQL
g> statement with the old data access component opened in about 2
g> seconds. Opening the same query in a TIBOQuery component takes 6-8
g> seconds. I am confined to using TIBOQuery as this is the only IBO
g> data access component that Report Builder can connect to. What
g> confuses me is that opening the same query with a TIB_Query component is instantaneous.

g> Thanks All,
g> Branden Johnson

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