Subject Re: [IBO] I thought you would want to see this from the Firebird support list Jason
Author Jason Wharton
> Adrian Wreyford wrote:
>> Cut and paste from the Firebird Support List.
>>>>> Graphical components and UI admin tools can trap us into thinking that
>>>>> an "empty result set" (a row of blank fields in a grid or "dataset"
>>>>> structure) is a row of nulls. Of course it's no such thing, but such
>>>>> perceptions can delude us when we visit PSQL-Land.
>>>> Just a quick note, I do not know a componentset or GUI tool
>>>> that displays an empty row where there is no row in the set.
>>> Running a query with no resultset in IBConsole or IBOConsole both show a
>>> row
>>> of null field values. At least older versions do, not sure of the latest
>>> since I don't have them.
>>> Woody (TMW)
>> Plain and simple: that's wrong.
>> With regards,
>> Martijn Tonies
> Perhaps is better to stress that the 'wrong behavior' comes from
> TDBGrid's implementation which always shows up an empty row, even if the
> record count = 0 (zero).
> Other, newer, implementations of data-aware grids display an empty panel
> with a message in center (<No data to display> in the case of
> DevExpress's TcxGrid).

Thanks for making me aware of this topic. I think you are correct.

DevExpress has total control of their own grid and they can deliver a much
more professional representation of the correct dataset state. It really is
as simple as that. When using the TCustomGrid you are quite limited. The
truth is when there are no records the values set in the columns is NULL and
therefore it is fine if the grid represents that bit of reality. It is what
it is. Not ideal but to say it is WRONG suggests Martijn is still up to what
Martijn does best, stir the turd bucket. I have no desire to engage in
fruitless discussion with him anymore.

Jason Wharton