Subject Re: [IBO] I thought you would want to see this from the Firebird support list Jason
Author m. Th.
Adrian Wreyford wrote:
> Cut and paste from the Firebird Support List.
>>>> Graphical components and UI admin tools can trap us into thinking that
>>>> an
>>>> "empty result set" (a row of blank fields in a grid or "dataset"
>>>> structure) is a row of nulls. Of course it's no such thing, but such
>>>> perceptions can delude us when we visit PSQL-Land.
>>> Just a quick note, I do not know a componentset or GUI tool
>>> that displays an empty row where there is no row in the set.
>> Running a query with no resultset in IBConsole or IBOConsole both show a
>> row
>> of null field values. At least older versions do, not sure of the latest
>> since I don't have them.
>> Woody (TMW)
> Plain and simple: that's wrong.
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies

Perhaps is better to stress that the 'wrong behavior' comes from
TDBGrid's implementation which always shows up an empty row, even if the
record count = 0 (zero).

Other, newer, implementations of data-aware grids display an empty panel
with a message in center (<No data to display> in the case of
DevExpress's TcxGrid).


m. Th.

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