Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.9.5 released (release candidate beta)
Author Jason Wharton
> Jason Wharton wrote:
>> I produced a new version of the installer for 4.9.6.
>> I'd appreciate any feedback on how it works on your system.
>> Thanks,
>> Jason Wharton
> The DevExpress library is *NOT* working. You *didn't* include any of the
> fixes which I've sent to you. After so many months (4 - four, to be more
> correct) since I started to post publicly the fixes, the product is in
> the same state.

What fixes have I missed?

There are yet some issues open at Source Forge.
I have not removed the BETA designation because of that.
But, to my knowledge, I applied all your fixes.

That fix with cName was put into the code already.
Also, the other fix was also put into the code too.
I'm guessing you have not properly applied the newest version.
Either that or there are multiple places in code the fix was supposed to go
and I didn't get all of them.

I don't mind if you are harsh with me if I am making foolish mistakes and
you are sincerely wanting what is best for everyone. The important thing is
that nothing is missed and we can move forward. As you recall, I only get
testy when I am being teased with non-specific feedback and expectation to
read people's minds. And I only get angry when what I say is ignored and the
teasing continues.

> IOW you still cannot manage to control your *own* product, Jason. And
> this raises some serious questions about your ability to move the
> product forward. And this is very amazing because you said that this is
> your full time job now. 4 (four) months to put an 'AnsiString'
> declaration? I found it in 10 (ten) minutes.

I said it would be once I finish up with the problems I have been needing to
get resolved in my personal sphere. I have not, as yet, been able to give
IBO a full-time portion of my time. I have been out of town almost more than
I have been home. As I said before, none of the problems I currently face
are permanent and that as soon as I can I will be fully back in the groove
of things.

Jason Wharton