Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.9.5 released (release candidate beta)
Author m. Th.
Jason Wharton wrote:
> What fixes have I missed?
> There are yet some issues open at Source Forge.
> I have not removed the BETA designation because of that.
> But, to my knowledge, I applied all your fixes.
> That fix with cName was put into the code already.
> Also, the other fix was also put into the code too.

Sorry but I didn't saw them in your latest '4.9.5Beta' - this is
copy/paste from TIBODatabase's 'Version' property.

> I'm guessing you have not properly applied the newest version.
Hmmm... as I said above, my version says '4.9.5Beta'. When I apply a new
version I *rename* the installation folder from 'IBO' to 'IBO old' and I
put a new folder named 'IBO' in place with the new unzipped data.
Rebuild. I don't do any overwrites, merge procedures etc.

Following this workflow I encountered the old (known) errors. Then I
looked at your code and I saw that the fixes weren't were it supposed to
be. I put them and everything is fine (again).

> Either that or there are multiple places in code the fix was supposed to go
> and I didn't get all of them.
Nope. Just in one place.


m. th.