Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 4.9.5 released (release candidate beta)
Author Jason Wharton
I greatly appreciate your assistance and I hope you will patiently bear with

What I normally want from those helping is for them to make the fixes in the
code and also to put their credit in the comments in the header and to then
send me a full copy of the modified unit files. This way I can use Beyond
Compare to merge in their changes and credits into my copy. This way two
things are accomplished. I can review all changes they have made and I can
give them proper credit for their efforts. Both are very important to me.

Would you kindly do this now and in the future? Of course these unit files
should be sent to me privately and directly. That's one reason why the
SourceForge bug tracker is only a partial solution.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton

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Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009 4:05 AM
Subject: Re: [IBO] IBO 4.9.5 released (release candidate beta)

> Jason Wharton wrote:
>> What fixes have I missed?
>> There are yet some issues open at Source Forge.
>> I have not removed the BETA designation because of that.
>> But, to my knowledge, I applied all your fixes.
>> That fix with cName was put into the code already.
>> Also, the other fix was also put into the code too.
> Sorry but I didn't saw them in your latest '4.9.5Beta' - this is
> copy/paste from TIBODatabase's 'Version' property.
>> I'm guessing you have not properly applied the newest version.
> Hmmm... as I said above, my version says '4.9.5Beta'. When I apply a new
> version I *rename* the installation folder from 'IBO' to 'IBO old' and I
> put a new folder named 'IBO' in place with the new unzipped data.
> Rebuild. I don't do any overwrites, merge procedures etc.
> Following this workflow I encountered the old (known) errors. Then I
> looked at your code and I saw that the fixes weren't were it supposed to
> be. I put them and everything is fine (again).
>> Either that or there are multiple places in code the fix was supposed to
>> go
>> and I didn't get all of them.
> Nope. Just in one place.
> HTH,
> m. th.