Subject Grid cleared on insert
Author skander_sp
I read in IBO FAQ:

>>When I insert new record, sometimes (10% of cases) all my old records
>>disappear from grid - only new record shows ...

>> --It is possible to insert into a query that is not open. If you
>>want to take some action to avoid this possibility, check for Active
>>before calling Insert.

>> --In IBO4, I made it so that you can use Locate() on queries that
>>are not open so be careful with this, too, to avoid unexpected

It's MY CASE!!! but not for the answers.
I have a master-detail form, with both grids...
I only OPEN (both) querys on showform, and no close them until hide
Form, then ALWAYS must be open, not? (at leasr by myself)

But some times, may be not 10% but enough often, when inserting new
lines in detail, suddenly all dissapear and only news are showed.
Really (of course) only dissapear from the grid, still in database...
and I don't know what is wrong...

What I must do? I think if i make a "refresh" or "close-open" on after
insert will work, but I thinks it's a dirty solution.

Anyone had the same problem? and how was solved?
Tks in advance.