Subject IBObjects: Google Oblivious
Author James N Hitz

Out of curiosity, I ran the following query on Google...

firebird native connection library for delphi

...and the interesting thing is that the term "ibobjects" or even "ibo"
could not be found on the results pages until page 3 of the results.
Even then the official IBObjects website did not appear even after Page 5.

I also tried (without quotes of course):
* "delphi firebird access" [no mention on first page, just a mention on
2nd page]
* "interbase native connection library for delphi" [no mention on
anywhere upto pg 5]

I don't know how important this is right now - considering how swamped
Jason must be, but please add it to your to-do list as something that
needs to be done.... Just a thought. There is definitely a need to
optimize the site for Search Engines. It does not matter that IBOBjects
is an excellent tool if only a handful know about it.