Subject IB_Grid, Indicate Boolean & XP Manifest bug
Author Bob Zirbel
Hi all.
Does anyone know if this bug is fixed in the latest release.
The symptoms are that if XP Manifest is loaded and an IB_Grid is
used to display boolean values using the IndicateBoolean property,
the boolean fields appear as blank boxes.

I traced the problem to line 6568 of the IB_Grid unit.
if Self.ReadOnly or
not Ctl3d or
AColumn.ControlsReadOnly or
AColumn.Computed or
( not FHideRowSelection and
( DataLink.ActiveRecord <> DataRow[ ARow ] ) and
AColumn.PreventEditing ) then
Inc( Indicator, 3 );
The Indicator value is incremented by three but if XP Manifest in
being used, the case statement at line 6603 fails, hense the blank
boolean fields.
I fixed the problem as follows but I am not sure if this will cause
any other problems.

case indicator of
2, 5: BoxE := tbCheckBoxMixedNormal;
1, 4: BoxE := tbCheckBoxUncheckedNormal;
0, 3: BoxE := tbCheckBoxCheckedNormal;

Any help would be appreciated.