Subject Re: [IBO] Updates when part of key is NULL
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:15 AM 20/04/2006, you wrote:
>Disclaimer: Yes, I know this table design is terribly whacked but
>it's what I have to make work. IBO has so far been pretty amazing at
>accommodating all the bizarre twists I've thrown it, and I've almost
>got this bear ported. I can see the end...
>Now, I've got a table that does not have a primary key, but it does
>have a unique compound index, although some fields in the unique index
>may be NULL. If none of the fields are NULL, TIBOTable has no problem
>locating the record for update, but if any of the index fields are
>NULL, it throws an exception saying it can't locate the record. Is
>there a way to tell TIBOTable that these key fields may be NULL?

Have you tried using the DB_KEY as your KeyLinks? You might also
need to set the BlankIsNull ColumnAttribute true on those fields.