Subject Beginning IBO
Author softrolli
Hello everyone,

I took over a project which accesses firebird through IBO.
I used to do this via IBX.
Now I see no way to switch the project "easy" to something I know about.
Documentation of IBO is not really helpful, nor is any of the help
resources offline or online.

The code I see is written in some very "personal" way, so "learning
from the best" does not work also.

My Questions:
Is there a way to reference fields like in IBX ? (TableFieldname.value)

Do I have to compose the SQL always via my code or is it possible to
write it with parameters right to the SQL Property?

How can I Access the Parameters of a query if I do so?

Is there any Documentation that enables me to get results rather than

To be honest, at this moment I would gladly go back to IBX, but this
is the only Job I have, so I have to get used to it. And still want to.