Subject RE: [IBO] Beginning IBO
Author Jason Wharton
> I took over a project which accesses firebird through IBO.
> I used to do this via IBX.
> Now I see no way to switch the project "easy" to something I
> know about.
> Documentation of IBO is not really helpful, nor is any of the help
> resources offline or online.
> The code I see is written in some very "personal" way, so "learning
> from the best" does not work also.
> My Questions:
> Is there a way to reference fields like in IBX ?
> (TableFieldname.value)
> Do I have to compose the SQL always via my code or is it possible to
> write it with parameters right to the SQL Property?
> How can I Access the Parameters of a query if I do so?
> Is there any Documentation that enables me to get results rather than
> frustration?
> To be honest, at this moment I would gladly go back to IBX, but this
> is the only Job I have, so I have to get used to it. And
> still want to.

If you want a nice middle ground to move to then simply start using the
TIBODataset based components which are based upon the TDataset foundation.
Everything that you know about IBX that was good is found there and if it
was in IBX and is no longer there then you can ask here why it was not a
good idea and I'll be happy to tell you. IBX has many problems in its
architecture and is really only good for using as a driver layer for
TClientDataset based applications or things that are very simple and cut and

Jason Wharton