Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Assigning text to a binary blob field
Author Jason Wharton
I am not really sure what you can do with IBO to rectify this because it
will invoke the blob filtering mechanisms. I would ask on the Firebird
support list if there is a simple metadata change you could do in the system
tables. If anyone advises you to give it a try then here's steps I would be
sure to take.

1) Only work with an actual file copy of the database file, which copy is
made when the server is not running to insure there are no live connections
to the file.

2) Make the changes in the system tables and then immediately do a backup.

3) Make a restore of that backup and then proceed to test your data to see
if it is properly preserved.

Jason Wharton

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> > >I inherited a database where they created a blob field as type 2.
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> > Blob sub_type 2 is a system subtype. It should NEVER be applied to
> > user data. User-defined subtypes should have negative numbers.
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> Yes I know that. They also created a lot of CLOB (sub type 1 fields)
> as BLOB (sub type 0 fields). So that is a major issue too. Any
> suggestion on how to convert Sub Type 0 and 2 to Sub Type 1?
> And thanks for the suggestion. I am working on it now.