Subject Re: [IBO] "FieldType" or alike in IBO?
Author Lutz Kutscher
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
First of all: Thanks for your help.
... but ... it leads to new questions.

The select statement I create on the fly reads only one record from
one table in DB1, identified by it's PK. It then writes this record to
a table in DB2 (insert/update/delete).
Earlier I wanted to do this with DML-Statements.
Now I changed that: I use the same select statement in both source and
destination DB and transfer the data with Edit, Insert or Delete

Is it better to
a) set the IB_Query component to RequestLive=TRUE in the destination
b) should I build Insert/Update/Delete-SQL's for the corresponding
IB_Query properties?

In case of a) - does the "for update" clause have any influence on DB
performance or the locks that are applied?

if b), how do I handle BLOBs?