Subject "FieldType" or alike in IBO?
Author Lutz Kutscher
maybe I just looked in the wrong places, but I can't seem to find
something like the BDE "FieldType" property for TIB_Column (which if I
understand correct corresponds with BDE's TField (?)).

Maybe I don't need it anyway - I just have the wrong idea about how
things are done best?
I experienced that quite often in the 3 months I've been trying to
understand FB + IBO.

Basically I just want to take some field values that are returned by
an IB_Cursor and use them to build a query statement:

Crsr.SQL.text := 'select field1, field2 from table where condition'
DSQLUpd.SQL.Add('update Tablex set Fieldy=' + crsr.
fieldbyname('field1').asstring [...]

OK as long as I have integer fields, but string fields must be quoted,
date/time/timestamp fields need quotes and formatting and - in germany
- the decimal comma in floats has to be replaced by a decimal point.

I wanted to write a function SQLStrVal(Field: TIB_Column), but how do
I find out, what data type "Field" has?
I found some "Is<xxx>" properties, but can I be sure that they are
mutually exclusive?

Thanks from a BDE-user trying desperatly to become more up to date<g>