Subject Re: [IBO] Help with IB_Datasource Controls Generator
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:04 AM 9/08/2005 +1000, I wrote:

>I've never heard of this "Control Generator" feature.

I had forgotten about this little tool, which was contributed by Frank
Ingermann - sorry!

I just had a bit of a play with it. It does seem to be designed for cases
where the datasource and the controls are located in the same unit.

But that's OK: Delphi doesn't mind if you place the datasets in a DM and
the datasources in a form. Just make sure that the proper "uses" linkages
have been made first.

1. Set up the datamodule (ib_connection plus ib_query or ib_cursor) and set
all properties.

2. Set connection.Connected true if it is not already connected.

3. Move to the form and drop in the ib_datasource.

4. Set the Dataset property of the datasource.

5. Click the yellow Prepare button (lightbulb) to display the columns of
the dataset.

6. Now you will be able to select a column, set any preferences you like
and drag it onto the form.

Sorry again, I should sleep more. :-))