Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Metadata and Firebird Crash
Author Geoff Worboys
> I wrote a small tool to extract the metadata from a database
> and noticed that it causes FirebirdServer to consistently
> terminate. I tried this on a remote database to the same
> effect. This resulted in us having to go into windows services
> and start the FirebirdServer service again.

I have found a similar problem, but it was not consistent.

It appears that extracting BLR information from the system
tables causes a problem in the server - I dont know why. This
of course causes problem for my DBak (database backup)
application. The problem seems to occur most often when used
directly after dropping a database to be replaced by running
the new metadata script (at least that seems to have been the
case with DBak).

Since TIB_Metadata does not, at the moment, actually use the
BLR details that it extracts anyway - I have been able to work
around the problem by stopping the component from reading the
BLR blobs.

I have sent Jason an update to TIB_Metadata which works around
the problem this way (as part of some other stuff) but it has
not yet been released AFAIK.

If you have the full IBO source I can send you a update to the
metadata unit to see if that solves your problem.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing