Subject IncSearch Behavior Disorders
Author skander_sp
I have a TIB_IncSearch field, than usually work fine, BUT really I
don't know how fune-tuning.

Now I have a field FULL_NAME char(60) (ex: 'SMITH SMITH, JOHN').
I set SearchKeyByKey and SearchNearest both ON, and all values are
UPPERCASE. When i'm looking it work fine, only for some names... or
may be for some first chars... then they losse it.

I'm tipyng "SMITH" all OK, the position is the FIRST "SMITH", I
continue typing space and second "SMITH" and STILL WELL... the first
"SMITH SMITH" are located... but then I type comma and space and John
but they don't locate the name even from first character is typed!!!

Of course the value exist,
Of course all are uppercase and I type uppercase
Of course the datasource and ordering are setting well...

some one know why this strange Behavior?