Subject Lock Conflict Problem
Author Metin Gönen
Hi ,

I will try to explain the situation simply as below ;

There are two tables

1) Table A Fields (Stock_otonumber, StockNo,Average_of_prices_on_tableB)
2) Table B Fields ( otonumber,stock_otonumber,price)

Also there is an after_insert trigger for table B which gets the average of
the prices of all table B records and then updates Table A
(Average_of_prices_on_tableB) Field

If Multipl computers try to enter data on table B then lock conflict occurs
,I am assuming this is because of the update on Table A.

Both tables have TiCommited transaction and LockWait= False

When I set LockWait to true on Table B then this time deadlock occurs.

If I drop the trigger and use a joined sql statement on Table A to get the
averages on TableB ; This time the access is slow.

How can I find a way to get rid of this lock conflict ?. or if I don't use
trigger here , can you show me another wat to get averages or some totals of
tableB while browsing on Table A

This is really a big trouble for me . I need urgent help.

Metin G�nen

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