Subject RE: [IBO] IncSearch Behavior Disorders
Author Jason Wharton
I don't know of this and perhaps if you sent me a working sample app to
demonstrate this problem I could figure it out.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] IncSearch Behavior Disorders
> I have a TIB_IncSearch field, than usually work fine, BUT really I
> don't know how fune-tuning.
> Now I have a field FULL_NAME char(60) (ex: 'SMITH SMITH, JOHN').
> I set SearchKeyByKey and SearchNearest both ON, and all values are
> UPPERCASE. When i'm looking it work fine, only for some names... or
> may be for some first chars... then they losse it.
> I'm tipyng "SMITH" all OK, the position is the FIRST "SMITH", I
> continue typing space and second "SMITH" and STILL WELL... the first
> "SMITH SMITH" are located... but then I type comma and space and John
> but they don't locate the name even from first character is typed!!!
> Of course the value exist,
> Of course all are uppercase and I type uppercase
> Of course the datasource and ordering are setting well...
> some one know why this strange Behavior?
> Tks
> Alejandro