Subject Re: [IBO] It doesn't find IBODataset in the computer
Author Lucas Franzen
Flavio Vieira de Macedo schrieb:
> The file IBODataset doesn't exist in my HD.

Well, it should...

> It seems that the package came without this file.

No, I can't imagine.

Before I'm asking you which dpk files you installed (or which bpl file
you used) I recommend that you uninstall IBObjects (remove all the
IBO*.bpl files from your projects\bin directory (or whatever they are),
too) and reinstall IBO from scratch.

Since you use D5 (as I do), you can install them by opening the
IBO40_D5.bpg file and then compile all the dpk files in there; then
don't forget to install all design time dpks (all dpks that have a DT in
the filename)).
It should work then (at least it did on my side and I had to this quite
too often in my life *g* )