Subject Re: master-detail problem after upgrade to 4.5 (eval)
Author rudi_josic
--- In, "rudi_josic" <rudijosic@c...> wrote:
> hi all and excuse my english.-
> Ater a large vacations and new 'semestre' on the university i need
> do some homeworks again jejeje...
> I upgrade my old ibo 4.3(eval) to 4.5(eval) recently downloaded
> ibo's page.
> what my sorprise... the master-detail relations did't work. it
> like the ib_query don't find the masterlink data.
> the error said that the token is unknown "_0"
> i try to open my old's proyects (fully tested and great
> in 4.3)
> and the same message is posted.
> i though that my instalation was wrong and i install again...
> but the same :( (how i can do something wrong with an installer)
> i delete all old ibo's entry and dcu's. and install again.... but
> same :(
> even in the ib_query editor the error message is shown when tryin
> prepare.
> when i delete the masterlink entry. it works, or almost prepare the
> query.
> now i'll try to place masterliks values in runtime to do
something :)
> anybody can help me???
> Delphi 7
> IBO 4.5b (eval)
> Firebird 1.5
> thank's in advance
> Rudi Josic.

Hi again.

Ok, i open and run the masterlinks example from ibo samples directory
and it works fine. then, is not my system or instalation the

in the masterlinks sample, the fields names are in ABC format and i
use "abc" one. i use a SQl DIALECT 3 in my data base definition and
in the ib_connection too.

i mean, i use for masterlink:
"Detail_Table"."Id_Master" = "Master_Table"."Id"

and in the ibo's sample use:

in ibo 4.3 i use perfectly the lowercase quoted field names.
"Detail_Table"."Id_Master" = "Master_Table"."Id"
and when install the 4.5 it does not work.

then, is there a bug or i lose something?