Subject master-detail problem after upgrade to 4.5 (eval)
Author rudi_josic
hi all and excuse my english.-

Ater a large vacations and new 'semestre' on the university i need to
do some homeworks again jejeje...

I upgrade my old ibo 4.3(eval) to 4.5(eval) recently downloaded from
ibo's page.

what my sorprise... the master-detail relations did't work. it seems
like the ib_query don't find the masterlink data.

the error said that the token is unknown "_0"

i try to open my old's proyects (fully tested and great califications
in 4.3)
and the same message is posted.

i though that my instalation was wrong and i install again...
but the same :( (how i can do something wrong with an installer) but
i delete all old ibo's entry and dcu's. and install again.... but the
same :(

even in the ib_query editor the error message is shown when tryin to

when i delete the masterlink entry. it works, or almost prepare the

now i'll try to place masterliks values in runtime to do something :)

anybody can help me???

Delphi 7
IBO 4.5b (eval)
Firebird 1.5

thank's in advance

Rudi Josic.