Subject Re: [IBO] Where to place a global TIB_StoredProcs?
Author Lucas Franzen

G. Nau schrieb:
> I use a TIB_StoredProc used to testing the existence of a
> partnumber in the partnumber-table.

> Work goods, but I have a transaction problem here.
> As the application is doing an insert/update/delete to the table, the
> changes are not visible to the stored procedure. Other applications
> can see the update; even the applications IB_Grid reflects the
> changes immediately.

It doesn't matter if you have the sp on the datamodule or on a form; if
it doesn't see the record when placed on a datamodule it's bound to a
transaction that can't see the record.

Leave it on the datamodule and check the transaction.
You can also bind it explicitely to a TIB_Transaction (ReadOnly=Ture,

By the way:
You don't need a stored proc for that - using a simple (read only)
cursor with (for example ) the SQL
will do the same without performance decrease ;-)