Subject Where to place a global TIB_StoredProcs?
Author G. Nau
I use a TIB_StoredProc used to testing the existence of a
partnumber in the partnumber-table.
I've placed the TIB_StoredProc into the global datamodule and
created a standard function, which i use all over my application.

Function DoesPartNumberExist (PN : String) : Boolean;
with datamodul.StoredProc_doespartnumberexist do

Work goods, but I have a transaction problem here.
As the application is doing an insert/update/delete to the table, the
changes are not visible to the stored procedure. Other applications
can see the update; even the applications IB_Grid reflects the
changes immediately.

I've made some tests and found the place where the
TIB_StoredProc is placed crucial.
I've duplicated the TIB_StoredProc and the function in my testform
and from there on it works fine.

But I don't like to place an identical StorecProc and function all over
my forms.

My question:
Where shall I place the globally used StoredProc? or is there
something else I have to keep in mind?


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