Subject Re: [IBO] Where to place a global TIB_StoredProcs?
Author G. Nau
Am 16 Jun 2005 um 22:41 hat Lucas Franzen geschrieben:

> It doesn't matter if you have the sp on the datamodule or on a form; if
> it doesn't see the record when placed on a datamodule it's bound to a
> transaction that can't see the record.
> Leave it on the datamodule and check the transaction.
> You can also bind it explicitely to a TIB_Transaction (ReadOnly=Ture,
> Isolation=tiCommitted).
> By the way:
> You don't need a stored proc for that - using a simple (read only)
> cursor with (for example ) the SQL
> will do the same without performance decrease ;-)
> Luc.
I just got it from Woody's reply (who was only minutes faster than you :-).
Indeed it was a transaction problem. With a 2nd transaction dedicted to my stored
procedures and the correct isolation level it looks well.

Referring your select: Good to hear that.


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