Subject [IBO] FB, Interbase, D6 and a client? Second Post
Author Paul Hope
Anybody have an idea what's going on . . . .


I'm finally getting to convert my customers to FB :)))

IBO version 4.3.Aa, gds32.dll version

If I put gds32 in the app folder then it runs fine. Problem is I cant do
any design time stuff in Delphi because it uses the client in system32.

So I wrote a little batch file to swap the gds32 files around in

system32 hoping to then start D6 in IB or FB mode. Problem is that D6
throws out all the IBO packages when it starts with the FB dll in place.

The error is 'unable to locate DLL import isc_array_gen_sdl'

How can I make this work?



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