Subject Re: [IBO] Creating a database from within the application
Author Lester Caine
Daniel Albuschat wrote:

> Hello,
> My attempts to create a new database with IBObjects failed and I
> couldn't find any info about
> this on the net, so I'm asking here.
> What's the trick in creating new databases? I checked out the IBOAdmin
> component if it could
> do it, but found nothing about creating from scratch.
> Executing a ``create database "foo.fdb"'' statement with a TIB_Script gives
> me "invalid database handle (no active connection)", TIB_DSQL doesn't work
> either ("can't prepare a create database statement").
> And additionally, how do I set parameters like SQL Dialect, Page size, etc?

Check out IB_Connection ;)
Set it's properties and then call CreateDatabase :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services