Subject Re: [IBO] FB, Interbase, D6 and a client? Second Post
Author Lester Caine
Paul Hope wrote:

> Anybody have an idea what's going on . . . .

You will get better help on running Firebird with Interbase on the
firebird-support list ;)

> I'm finally getting to convert my customers to FB :)))
> IBO version 4.3.Aa, gds32.dll version
> If I put gds32 in the app folder then it runs fine. Problem is I cant do
> any design time stuff in Delphi because it uses the client in system32.
> So I wrote a little batch file to swap the gds32 files around in
> system32 hoping to then start D6 in IB or FB mode. Problem is that D6
> throws out all the IBO packages when it starts with the FB dll in place.
> The error is 'unable to locate DLL import isc_array_gen_sdl'
> How can I make this work?
Delphi6 expects a gds32.dll, so trying to run two different engines that
use the same file is the problem. IBO *CAN* be configured to use the
newer fbclient.dll in place of gds32.dll, but trying to run both of them
will cause problems.

I WAS working quite happily into Interbase using the firebird client
after installing the firebird gds32.dll into system32 ( the installer
has an option for that ) but I don't expect the newer versions of
Interbase to 'play ball'.

So do you actually need the IB gds32.dll at all?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services