Subject R: [IBO] for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author Enrico Raviglione
Hi Svein,

>Sorry to hear that you still have this problem, Enrico. Just a couple
>of questions that may or may not have been asked already:
>Is AutoFetchAll set to false?

>Have you tried using SchemaCache (and SchemaCacheDir) for the
>connection component (I think it will only help on the second
Yes, i tried it but with my surprise on fast lan connection if i use
SchemaCache the performance at opening time are worse.

>A long time ago, Alexander Nevsky used to encourage creating an index
>on a system table if you had lots of tables etc. within your database.
>I think this later got included in Firebird, but if you're still on a
>very old version, then maybe that can help (sorry, I don't remember
>which table).
Yes this it's true if i use FB 1.0.x but with FB 1.5.x this index are
created automatically.
With FB 1.0.x the performance are "terrible", then i have upgraded all
my customer to FB 1.5.x

Thursday 15.03.2005 i have sended 2 small example to Jason when i
compared IBO with FIBPlus.
This samples show how long it's the time needed by IBO for preparing and
opening the same set of query compared with FIBPlus dataset component:

- IBO open all queries in 1 minute and 5 seconds
- FIBPlus open the same queries in 7 seconds

This difference are some much that i don't think that there are nothing
to do ...

Best Regards.
Enrico Raviglione