Subject Re: [IBO] How to specify cache (buffer) size
Author Eyal
> Yes, that could be made to work just as you suggest.
> If that setting is in the Params property of the IB_Connection
> then it could take care of formatting it properly into the API
> DPB as appropriate.
> Would you care to take on this enhancement?

Well I already put my great programming skills to work, and I came up
with a very simple yet brilliant idea to make the IB_BUFFERS
functionality work:

In IB_Components.Pas - Uncomment lines #16354-16355.

In other words, the code is already there probably for a long time,
but it's commented out because (quote from the comments): "... there
seems to be confusion about what it is and what it isn't ..."

All you have to do is un-comment those 2 lines and maybe add a short
explaination in the help along these lines:

"IB_BUFFERS - Number of page buffers that the server allocates for
caching data. The effect (if any) of this setting depends on many
variables: the engine (Interbase/Firebird), the version of the engine,
the architecture (Classic/SuperServer), and server configuration
Unless you know exactly how this setting affects your particular
server, it is best not use it (simply omit it from the Params list).
For more information see:"

> Either way, I'll add it to my list of items for a future release.

Surfacing this as a property should take less time than documenting
the request in a to-do list...

You just need to add a property and make it work like one of the other
properties that update the Params list. Make sure to remove the
IB_BUFFERS string from the Params list when the value is 0.


PS - Care to comment on the other thread about the Buffer* methods? I
could really use some tricks there.