Subject RE: [IBO] How to specify cache (buffer) size
Author Jason Wharton
I've added this capability into the next sub-release.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: Re: [IBO] How to specify cache (buffer) size
> > Yes, that could be made to work just as you suggest.
> > If that setting is in the Params property of the IB_Connection
> > then it could take care of formatting it properly into the API
> > DPB as appropriate.
> >
> > Would you care to take on this enhancement?
> Well I already put my great programming skills to work, and I came up
> with a very simple yet brilliant idea to make the IB_BUFFERS
> functionality work:
> In IB_Components.Pas - Uncomment lines #16354-16355.
> In other words, the code is already there probably for a long time,
> but it's commented out because (quote from the comments): "... there
> seems to be confusion about what it is and what it isn't ..."
> All you have to do is un-comment those 2 lines and maybe add a short
> explaination in the help along these lines:
> "IB_BUFFERS - Number of page buffers that the server allocates for
> caching data. The effect (if any) of this setting depends on many
> variables: the engine (Interbase/Firebird), the version of the engine,
> the architecture (Classic/SuperServer), and server configuration
> directives.
> Unless you know exactly how this setting affects your particular
> server, it is best not use it (simply omit it from the Params list).
> For more information see:
> > Either way, I'll add it to my list of items for a future release.
> Surfacing this as a property should take less time than documenting
> the request in a to-do list...
> You just need to add a property and make it work like one of the other
> properties that update the Params list. Make sure to remove the
> IB_BUFFERS string from the Params list when the value is 0.
> Eyal.
> PS - Care to comment on the other thread about the Buffer* methods? I
> could really use some tricks there.

I'll see what I can do...