Subject How to specify cache (buffer) size
Author Eyal

I need to control the size of Firebird's page cache when connecting to
a database. However I can't find any TIB_Connection property for that

My application attaches to a central "controller" DB which is rather
small and static, and to one of many "data" DBs. A data DB may be
anything from a few thousands rows to millions of rows (company's
financial data).

Firebird allocates a seperate page cache for each database. There may
be several clients accessing different DBs, so Firebird needs to
allocate multiple caches. This can lead to a significant memory

I read in
that the cache size can be set at connection time. So I want to
calculate a reasonable cache size before connecting to a data DB,
based on the size of the DB. I have all the logic in place only I
can't find the way to do it with IBO.