Subject RE: [IBO] How to specify cache (buffer) size
Author Jason Wharton
Yes, that could be made to work just as you suggest.
If that setting is in the Params property of the IB_Connection then it could
take care of formatting it properly into the API DPB as appropriate.

Would you care to take on this enhancement? Either way, I'll add it to my
list of items for a future release.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] How to specify cache (buffer) size
> Jason Wharton wrote:
> > You may need to learn how to use the API and customize the DPB
> > (database parameter block) when connecting to a database. There
> > is an event called OnCustomizeDPB that you can use to add
> > commands to this string of bytes that give the server specific
> > instructions upon connection. See the API reference manual for
> > instructions on how to add DPB items.
> I'll look into that.
> What about Params[IB_BUFFERS] - isn't it what I need?
> And... maybe you can just surface the cache size property?
> Thanks,
> Eyal.