Subject Re: [IBO] 'Native' vs. Tdataset Objects
Author Tony Masefield
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> Tony Masefield wrote:
> > As I am just getting started with IBO and do not have any progs
> > convert from the BDE to IBO, it would appear that the best way
> > forward, in terms of performance and functionality, would be to
> > the 'Core' IB components along with the 'Native' data access
> > components rather than use the TDataset components (From the 4.5
> > help file TIB Databse and TIBO Database comments are made that
> > are for BDE compatability reasons or the like).
> One of the major problems I had when I first changed from BDE to
IBO was
> simply trying to convert things. Yes it worked, and the
> worked, but they were not nice.
> I gave up on IBO for another 9 months, and TRIED to get BDE
stable. No,
> joy :(
> So I tried IBO again - but started with a clean sheet. The result
> amazing, and while I still have a few old cobbled IBO-BDE
programs, the
> main ones only use 'Native' components.

Thanks for the info. More or less what I expected to encounter.

> > If one uses the 'Core' and 'Native' Access components with D5,
> > the normal dataware controls useable or must one use the
IB 'Native'
> > Data Aware components?
> Just use the IBO items. In fact I deleted the TDataset tab ;)
> > Are the 'Core' and 'Native' components compatable with other 3rd
> > party data aware components and/or will the major 3rd party
> > components be compatable with these IBO components at a later
> > (or vica-versa)?
> NO and NO

Thought this might be the case.

> So that is where you may need the TIBO component add-on. I run
> which is a TDataset component, and it just runs in parallel with
> native stuff.
> The 'exception' is FastReports which does work 'native' - at least
> 2.5 version did, and version 3 seems to but I have not sussed the
> in the way it gets used.
> > I raise these questions simply because:
> > I am wondering what type of learning curve I will have to go
> > by using the 'Core' and 'Native' components vs the TDataset ones
> > am sure that the advantages are there and I would rather start
> > the more 'functional' components and sticking by them from 'day
> > but are they as easy to use as TDataset?)
> The Native IBO grid is far more powerful that TDataset ones. I'd
> using RXLib grids because the Borland one's where simply crude -
> probably added to my 'conversion' problems. If you ARE starting
> the just use IBO, and you will not get confused by the 'bodges' to
> TDataset work ;)

Thanks for the direct answer, will start with the 'Native' set!

> IBO facilities such as incremental search, and SQL management work
> and you only get into trouble when you try and 'take control'
yourself -
> because you HAD to in BDE. IBO normally does not need it!
> > Secondly, I hope to ascertain the 'receptiveness' of these
> > components to other 3rd party components (e.g. data aware) which
> > would not appear to be a problem with the TIBDataset strain.
> Is there anything missing from the pallet that you think you need
> day one? If not just start clean IBO and come back if you need to
> something like DBPlanner later.

Not particularly but there may be at a later date. For one prog that
I wrote I 'Rolled my own' Grid to incorporate column totals at the
bottom. Tried some of the freebee and shareware stuff from the web
but they either didn't work or I was not happy with the results
(poor total column alignment etc). Suppose in my case I could
convert the IBO grid along a similar way or just use the TDataset
when I needed 3rd party compatability.

Thanks for the information. It has really helped me! At least I can
now "Plan the way forward" and not get too involved in evaluating


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