Subject 'Native' vs. Tdataset Objects
Author Tony Masefield
As I am just getting started with IBO and do not have any progs to
convert from the BDE to IBO, it would appear that the best way
forward, in terms of performance and functionality, would be to use
the 'Core' IB components along with the 'Native' data access
components rather than use the TDataset components (From the 4.5
help file TIB Databse and TIBO Database comments are made that they
are for BDE compatability reasons or the like).
If one uses the 'Core' and 'Native' Access components with D5, are
the normal dataware controls useable or must one use the IB 'Native'
Data Aware components?
Are the 'Core' and 'Native' components compatable with other 3rd
party data aware components and/or will the major 3rd party
components be compatable with these IBO components at a later date
(or vica-versa)?

I raise these questions simply because:
I am wondering what type of learning curve I will have to go through
by using the 'Core' and 'Native' components vs the TDataset ones (I
am sure that the advantages are there and I would rather start using
the more 'functional' components and sticking by them from 'day 1'
but are they as easy to use as TDataset?)
Secondly, I hope to ascertain the 'receptiveness' of these
components to other 3rd party components (e.g. data aware) which
would not appear to be a problem with the TIBDataset strain.