Subject RE: [IBO] Result data set from select stmt in script
Author Jason Wharton
> I just would like to run script written for WISQL/ISQL in IBObject
> environment. WISQL/ISQL scripts allow to use select stmnts and I use
> this possibility to select from stored procedures their return
> values. Also it is very convinient to generate script from another
> script.

You can do all this if you write a program that makes use of the TIB_Script
component and then you put an event handler to customize the handling of

For example, you could use a command:


and then your program would do the query and export the file and move on.
Just use the OnStatement event and look for the token EXPORT to trigger the
code. If it was nothing your recognized as special you can then just leake
SkipIt (or whatever I named it) false so that IBO will send the statement to
the server for processing.