Subject Re: [IBO] 'Native' vs. Tdataset Objects
Author Florian Hector
> I raise these questions simply because:
> I am wondering what type of learning curve I will have to go through
> by using the 'Core' and 'Native' components vs the TDataset ones (I
> am sure that the advantages are there and I would rather start using
> the more 'functional' components and sticking by them from 'day 1'
> but are they as easy to use as TDataset?)
> Secondly, I hope to ascertain the 'receptiveness' of these
> components to other 3rd party components (e.g. data aware) which
> would not appear to be a problem with the TIBDataset strain.


the best investment you can make in regard to IBO is the purchase of the
Getting Started Guide, around $30 at the IBO website of Jason Wharton.
Not only does it show you how to do things but also *what* can be done
with the components to begin with.
It will save you many roundtrips to the newsgroup.


PS: Having done your type of work myself for a long time before finally
bailing out, I can only encourage you to settle down permanently rather
sooner than later. After a while you will ask yourself why you didn't do
it sooner.