Subject Re: 'Native' vs. Tdataset Objects
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "Tony Masefield" <polsolsa@y...> wrote:
> As I am just getting started with IBO and do not have any progs to
> convert from the BDE to IBO, it would appear that the best way
> forward, in terms of performance and functionality, would be to use
> the 'Core' IB components along with the 'Native' data access
> components rather than use the TDataset components (From the 4.5
> help file TIB Databse and TIBO Database comments are made that they
> are for BDE compatability reasons or the like).

Have a look at these documents:
in particular:
"RAD with IBO"

With native components you can setup things really fast and
error-prone, and provide advanced functionality to your users in a snap.
Also reading GSG (Getting Started Guide) is important to start
understand native stuff.
(btw, if you want report components that work with IBO native set, you
can have a look at FastReport
best regards
Marco Menardi