Subject for Jason: TIBOQuery vs. TFIBDataset speed test
Author Enrico Raviglione
Hi Jason,

i use IBObejct from about 3 years but there are a problem that now i
must solve.
At 95% i use only TIBOQuery, TIB_Cursor and TIB_StoredProc.

The problem are: in some case i must open a large number of query
because i have some complex Form with a lot of lookup-combo-box and for
any of this combo-box i have a different database table/view/sp.

With TIBOQuery components opening a large number of tables (or a large
table) are alwais "a long job" for my applications.

Then i have tested FIB Plus component and with my surprise i have
discover that there are a very big difference in time needed for opening
a TIBOQuery or opening a TFIBDataset.

In my little test, when i only open a lot of query on a database, the
result are:
IBO open all queries in 1 minute and 5 seconds;
FIBPlus open the same queries in 7 seconds.

The test are made with 2 different version of the same program, only
IBO/FIB Plus components are different. The connections are made in the
same manner to the same database on the same PC.

I have make some other test with different PC (from Celeron 700Mhz to
Pentium IV 2,8Ghz) but the result is alwais the same IBO need more and
more time to make the same operation.

How this ?
Do you think to make some test/correction/improvments for speed-up
TIBOQuery at open time?

Now i must solve this problem and if i can't see any different solution
i must switch to FIBPlus with a lot of work for me.... FIB Plus haven't
all the goodies that IBObject's have... but now the speed of application
are a big problem.

Kind regards,
Enrico Raviglione.